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Proton Engineering

Work planner electrical engineering Eindhoven

Proton Engineering is a bureau specialized in projects in electrical engineering and installation technique. We work with local and national corporations to realize or prepare a project from A to Z.

Your tasks

As an independent work planner, you’ll work at the office. Your focus is the preparation and supervising of assignments. You’ll provide the planning of the allocated assignments, and you’ll support the progress of the projects by organizing all the necessary things (for example precise drawings and the necessary materials) before the start of the project. Besides the work preparation, this function can also include other tasks as drawing, calculating, controlling, guiding of the production and giving work instructions. Scheduling and organizing are important in this position.

Furthermore, the next subtasks can be part of the job.


  • Interprets drawings and determines the most efficient work sequence;
  • Plans design and drawings;
  • Tunes timely and correct with all parties involved;
  • Orders materials/work supplies and outsources work to third parties
  • Leads a correct project administration, focused on cost minimalization and delivery time guarantees;
  • Processes additional and reduced work within a project

The work is very diverse, and you’ll be working alongside an enthusiastic team. We can’t wait to speak with you about your knowledge and skills! The Proton Group is there for you to arrange everything. We’ll make sure the work and the assignment fit well.

What more we have to offer

  • A good salary, including ADV (reduction in working hours)
  • A pension plan
  • Travel allowance or a company car
  • 27 days of vacation time
  • Work clothes and PPE materials
  • Education and trainings
  • Nice drinks and barbecues

Functional requirements

  • MBO/HBO level of thinking and working
  • Go-getter
  • Experience in electrical work or installation work
  • Independent worker
  • Education
  • Studious
  • Precise and proactive
  • Aware of quality
  • Flexible in your work

Who are we?

The Proton Group has been an expert in our branch for more than 20 years. We are a company filled with positivity: full of drive, energy and very dynamic. We are the specialist in detaching, sending out, recruiting and selecting and flexible deployment of professionals in the mechanical engineering, installation technique and electrical engineering, if we say so ourselves. We’ve been working together with leading companies in the region and far beyond for many years.

Proton mediates for acknowledged training companies and BWL-trajectories, we help young technicians with coaching and guidance. We are a NEN 4400-1 and VCU certified company. A lot of difficult terms, but it means we know what we’re doing and we’re good at it. Proton Assembly and Proton Engineering together form the Proton Group.


We gladly would like to call with you! If you call before 12 am, we'll get back to you today!

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No strings attached, 100% without obligations.

Proton Engineering B.V.

Proton Engineering

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