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Do you have a question for us? See if it’s part of our frequently asked questions. You’ll find those below.

General questions

When can I expect an answer from Proton?

Proton always answers within 24 hours.

Can I reach Proton with public transport?

Yes, all our locations are easy to reach with public transport.

Why should I choose Proton?

We go for long term relationships, both with employees as clients. Some of our employees have been in permanent employment for 18 years.

For employees

What kind of job openings does Proton have?

We have openings in engineering for professions like electricians, machine builders, plumbers, drawers or service technicians.

How much does Proton pay?

We pay according to the reward of temporary hiring from our clients, which means you’ll earn the same as colleagues of the client. There can be slight differences in payments, of course.

I don’t have my own transportation. What now?

Proton can arrange a passenger car for you so you can come to work.

I don’t have hand tools. What now?

Proton arranges your hand tools and your PPE’s.

For employers

Can I turn to Proton as an employer?

You can come to us as an employer if you’re looking for a reliable partner in searching personnel in engineering and when you’re looking for a long term relationship.

What kind of job openings does Proton accept?

We accept executive openings or office job openings. Think of electricians, welders, plumbers, drawers and mechanics.

Does Proton have evidence of good payment behaviour?

Yes, we possess evidence of good payment behaviour and we can mail it to you if you want. We also possess a G-account.

Does Proton have a NEN4400-1?

Yes, Proton Engineering and Proton Assembly both possess the Nen4400-1 certificate.

Does Proton possess a VCU certificate?

Proton Engineering has a VCU certificate and all employees have a VCA-basis or a VCA-VOL certificate.

Do the employees have tools and transportation?

All of our employees possess tools and have their own transportation.

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