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All mig mag welder jobs

Does mig mag welding suit you and your skills? You’ll find all our mig mag welder jobs below. Apply if you see an opening that matches your profile.


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Job openings in your region

Vacancy for mig mag welder

Is welding your thing? You can stop searching and apply to one of our mig mag welder jobs. Do you have experience with welding goggles and a jig? Check out our website to see if there are any mig mag welder jobs suiting your profile. A mig mag welder connects materials together with heat. That happens for example in structures in construction, machines or ships. In the opening for welder you’ll find what your salary is, what your tasks are and what the standards are. We also offer you something extra as the Proton Group. Examples are a nice salary or a pension plan.

Employment agency in Eindhoven

As an employment agency in Eindhoven, Urmond and Zoetermeer, we make sure of the best match between employer and employee in engineering. As a welder with experience and expertise, we’re happy if you apply to one of our mig mag welder jobs. Our welding jobs differ, examples are mechanic and panel constructors. Your work is in the region Eindhoven, or far beyond. As a member of the team of Proton, you’ll work at an employer nearby.

Welder jobs in Eindhoven

What does a welder do exactly? Welding of course. But there is more. Discussing your work with a colleague for example. Or deciding which welding equipment and materials you need, and adjust these. In all this, taking into account the environmental, safety and quality standards. Do you have all those skills? Then we would love to hear from you with regard to our mig mag welder jobs! Check out our openings.

Employment agency in mig mag welder jobs

The Proton Group guides people to the right place. We’ve been doing that for more than twenty years. Proton is a young and flexible company, full of energy. As an employment agency in Eindhoven, we detach employees with for example an vacancy for electrical engineer, welding, installation technique and mechanical engineeringIn easy words: both employers and employees come to us when they have a vacancy for welder or are looking for a position in this branche. We get to work without nonsense, with our clear and sober point of view. We realize the best results, for example with mig mag welder jobs, together with our clients and employees

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