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Is mechanical engineering your middle name? And would you like to apply those skills in your profession? Sounds like you would be a great member of the Proton Team. See if there are any openings for you.


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Job openings mechanical engineering

You found this page while looking for a job in the mechanical engineering. Stop searching, we have a few openings for you. From mechanic to assembly worker, CNC Frezer or panel constructor. Is there a malfunction in a (production) machine? You fix it in no time. Were technical kits always your thing and did you make it your profession? We love to hear that! Then you and your skills are a good match for the Proton team.

Employment agency in engineering Eindhoven

Our team exists of professionals working in the technique. People who are passionate and who know what they’re doing. We realize projects and technical jobs throughout the Netherlands. We not only have openings in the region Eindhoven, but also in other provinces in the country. At the Proton Group, you’ll get an exciting job, working on great projects, with a good salary, if we say so ourselves.

Mechanical engineering Brabant

You describe yourself as a pro in technique and you don’t think twice about building an installation. Bring it on, you say. Are you eager on working for enthusiastic employers? The Proton Group links you to a company that suits you and your skills. We do that in a clear and sober way, no nonsense. Together with our clients and employees we realize the best results.

Employment agency in engineering

As modest as we are, you can call us the expert in detaching and sending out professionals in engineering. The Proton Group includes Proton Engineering and Proton Assembly. We are a NEN 4400-1 and VCU certified company. A lot of difficult terms, but it means we know what we’re doing and we’re good at it. So are you looking for a job in engineering or do you have a job opening? As an employment agency in engineering in for example Eindhoven, we are happy to help.