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It’s great you found us! We gladly tell more about ourselves. In that way you get to know us better. And we would like to get to know you better too when you want to cooperate with the Proton Group as an employer or employee.

Who are we? And what is Proton?

The Proton Group has been an expert in the branch for more than twenty years. We are an employment agency with establishment in Eindhoven, Urmond and Zoetermeer, filled with positivity: full of drive, energy and very dynamic. We are the specialist in detaching, sending out, recruiting and selecting and flexible deployment of professionals in the mechanical engineering, installation technique, welding and electrical engineering, if we say so ourselves. We’ve been working together with leading companies in the region and far beyond.

We are always looking for enthusiastic and professional colleagues. As a colleague at Proton, you have an exciting job and a good salary. Sounds nice, right? Added to that, we value personal growth and we help you with education and coaching. You work on great projects, as a permanent employee or self-employed, at specialized and leading businesses. Check out our job openings, for example a vacancy for electrical engineervacancy for mechanical engineer or mig mag welder jobs. Therefore, do you need the right personnel for your engineering company? Or do you want the perfect job in this branch? As an employment agency in engineering in Eindhoven, Urmond and Zoetermeer, we provide the right match. A match which makes both employer and employee enthusiastic.

We have openings for several professions: electrician, plumber, assembly worker, welder, mechanic, CNC freezer, maintenance technician, lead engineer and many more. Is there an opening for you? Check out our job openings and you’ll find out.

Proton mediates for acknowledged training companies and BBL-trajectories, we help young technicians with coaching and guidance. We are a NEN 4400-1 and VCU certified company. A lot of difficult terms, but it means we know what we’re doing and we’re good at it. Proton Assembly and Proton Engineering form the Proton Group.

The Proton Group includes

Why work at Proton?

More than 20 years

We have been a specialist in our branch, engineering, for more than 20 years.

The right personnel on the right place

As an employment agency in engineering we guide the right people to the right place.

Job openings in engineering

Our team exists of colleagues and employers in engineering.

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Hallo 👋 Wij zijn ook op WhatsApp bereikbaar. Stuur ons gerust een berichtje bij vragen of interesse in een van onze vacatures.