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Vacancy for mechanical engineer

Does a vacancy for mechanical engineer suit you and your skills? You’ll find all our openings below. Apply if you see a job that matches your profile.


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Vacancy for mechanical engineer

Companies are eager to hire new personnel: employers are searching hard for personnel with a vacancy for a mechanical engineer. The technique involves a lot of professions. Think of a drawer/mechanical engineer, electrician or an installation technician. An electricians work consists of wiring distribution boards, hang up lighting, service & maintenance, installing pipe installations, installing data networks, installing fire alarm systems and installing emergency lighting and evacuation. Briefly: very diverse work. The implementation and preparation of installations are easy for the Proton Group, especially in mechanical engineering and installation engineering. We applied it to multiple enterprises. Offices and houses, but also hospitals, health facilities and the city.

Employment agency in engineering in Eindhoven

The Proton Group intermediates for BWL-trajectories and acknowledged training companies: we help technicians with guidance and coaching. We are a NEN 4400-1 and VCU certified company. Many difficult terms, but it means we know what we’re doing and we’re good at it. Multiple corporations in for instance the area Eindhoven agree: they’ve been working with us for many years. Check out our mechanical engineering jobs, for example a vacancy for mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineering jobs Eindhoven

Proton Assembly and Proton Engineering form the Proton Group. As an employment agency in Eindhoven in branches like mechanical engineering. We match employers to employees, looking for the perfect match. You’ll see all kind of professions at Proton: mechanical engineer, independent drawer/engineer, maintenance technician, electrician, panel constructor, welder and programmer. Looking for something else within mechanical engineering? You’ll see all mechanical engineering jobs on the website, for which we need enthusiastic professionals who love to get to work. You’ll work on great projects, as a self-employed or permanent employee, with a nice salary and room for personal growth with our education and coaching: the total package.

Mechanical engineering jobs

Have you become enthusiastic? And do you think this sector suits you? Don’t hesitate and apply to one of our mechanical engineering jobs, for example a vacancy for mechanical engineer. We’ll make sure of the right match, in the great branch the technique. We’ve been mediating for more than two decades, full of drive and energy, for both companies and job seekers in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering (for examplevacancy for electrical engineer)welding and installation technique.

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