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Are you great with technique? Employment agency engineering Proton Group links you to the right employer. We are always looking for enthusiastic and professional colleagues. Check out our openings below!


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Job openings in your region

Employment agency engineering

The Proton Group is an employment agency engineering with an office in Eindhoven, Urmond and Zoetermeer. As an employment agency engineering we make sure the right people end up in the right place. That’s one of our key values. The branch in which we offer jobs is the thriving branch: the technique. Think of electrical engineering, installation technique, plumber jobs and much more. Are you a professional and are you looking for a great job in engineering? Don’t wait any longer and apply to one of our openings, for example a vacancy for mechanical engineer, cnc operator jobs or mig mag welder jobs. You and your future employer won’t regret it. Employers are also welcome to come to us, we’ll make a good match.

Job in engineering

We operate for example from Eindhoven in Brabant, but our work continues in other provinces. Our offices are in Eindhoven, Urmond and Zoetermeer. However, our colleagues and employers operate in every corner of the country, also in other provinces than Brabant, Limburg and Zuid-Holland. We also have openings in Utrecht, Zeeland and Gelderland. As an employment agency engineering we operate throughout the country.

Openings in engineering Eindhoven

We have been active as an employment agency engineering for more than 20 years and we realize projects throughout the country. Our people are mainly working in the installation technique, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering (for example a vacancy for electrical engineer) and in welding. No grumbling or nagging, our company has a positive attitude: we help you, full of drive and energy, as an employer or employee. Several corporations in the region Eindhoven and far beyond know that too: they have been working with us for years. Do you join our team?

Employment agency electrical engineering

Electrician, plumber, assembly worker, welder, mechanic, CNC freezer, maintenance technician, lead engineer and many more. You’ll find all our openings above. Our doors are always open for enthusiastic and professional colleagues, who want to get to work at a company nearby. Do you recognize yourself in that description? Then you’ll fit with the Proton team, let us hear from you! Any queastions about our openings? Read our frequently asked questions.

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